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    Quake4 Guide Part 1


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    default Quake4 Guide Part 1

    Post by IMMORTALZ on Sun May 16, 2010 5:18 am


    It is known throughout the world, including also some breeds of hamsters, and a specific type of crab from the depths, the enormous love that the Quakers have their configs, which tesssoooro. I wanted it, a little research the topic and in a display of generosity, to share my "discoveries" with the general public. This guide is not intended to be THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE ON THE DEATH OF KAKE, no, but rather a kind of summary of other relevant publications and the results of my tests. Most things pr0s you, and know, and I odiaréis for being so stupid to put such obvious things, but I'm sure that some Naab another dance through the forest to find it useful to the most stupid of issues. To conclude this introduction, and get "THE UNIT", saying that this guide according to the changing'll get to know new things, or your kind comments to me indicate what I can add. You must know that given the length it would take, I have decided to split it into three parts, this being the first. The Quakers advanced but I am sure they will find much more helpful in the second and third;)

    Let's start.

    First of all

    1. activate the console.

    Before you start reading things geeks, will need to have console enabled, then you will be very useful. The easiest way is to add the shortcut Quake4.exe, the following command:

    + Seta com_allowconsole "1" + disconnect

    Actually the "+ disconnect" is not necessary, but this step we remove the spam videos from the beginning, the first time has its charms but then as we do not. Note that the shortcut, it should be something like that, depending on our path where we installed the game and such:

    "C: / Quake 4/quake4.exe" seta + 1 + disconnect com_allowconsole

    It is important to the placement of quotes and such, because otherwise the Windows will call us "fucking crazy guts, it does not exist" (this message depends on the version of Windows installed)

    2. save / load a config.

    If we mess with the configs, you probably do not want to go driving the Quake4Config.cfg, at any rate, if at any time we want to load a config, we can either direct access from within the game, adding: "+ nombre_de_la_config.cfg exec "(without the quotes), or from the console game, escibiendo" exec nombre_de_la_config.cfg. "

    If we want to save the current config file, the command to use from the console is "writeConfig nombre_de_la_config.cfg."

    Small initial explanation

    1. Cvars, commands, and the mother who bore them.

    We'll hear a lot about these three things, especially the mother who bore them. As for the cvars, no more than variables, while commands are ... "Commands? xD. I think this whole thing there's not much to explain.

    Complete list of Quake4 CVARS

    Complete list of console commands Quake4

    2. Changing these goings

    To change one cvar only need to have a keyboard and win, since the console only game we have to write "nombre_de_la_cvar newvalue. If you type just the name of the variable, will show its current value. And if we wrote it in half the Quake is very smart and takes care of complete (as commands) by pressing TAB. If we want to execute a command, as well, just have to write your name in the console and give enter.

    Another method to change the cvars of course is in the config, the lines for it to be added are:

    September nombre_de_la_cvar "value"

    3. Binds

    The binds are nothing more than the association of a certain command keys like attacking, walking, etc, and can be changed as follows:

    bind KEY "command"

    If you only specify: bind KEY, tell us which command is binded at that time.

    Quake4 Problems

    If you know a bit like going to the track of the configs, you've probably already noticed a few points to consider in terms of configs for Quake4.

    1. _as Commands (for example, _impulse, _zoom, _attack) say they are the "most important" can not be used in conjunction NEVER to another command. For example, if we try to do the following:

    bind "MOUSE1" _attack; say DIE DIE DAMN Pandar "

    Quake command will tell us that there _attack: (

    2. The list of cvars and commands that can run / change in the multiplayer mode, or, charging them before, they are passing through the lining in multiplayer, is quite broad, encompassing most interesting commands.

    3. If we create our own cvars for our pleasure and profit, the Quake4 says that is invalid in multiplayer (we will see in Part Two of this guide, and skip this.)

    4. The configuration of the server mod that has PunkBuster, etc, can make our config nothing is left: (

    "Improving Performance in exchange for how much?

    As I said, the list of things we can "tinker" in multiplayer is limited and its impact on performance is not too high. If your ass is going to play, do not think changing the config you will achieve nothing (at least at present), and your only alternative is to play on maps optimized to give more fps ...

    1. The so-called "maps fps" and the balls r_lightdetaillevel

    These maps what they do mostly is to reduce the number of lights in the game, which is one of the many causes that go bad. Also in some cases "optimized" levels with fewer polygons to increase the yield but the truth is that until now, that they are not playing much. The lights in the levels of these maps are usually categorized by level, being the lowest level (0) that includes all lights, including the most useless and decorative (which happens more often the fuck) and level higher ambient light simply leaves everything as gray and light. The way to obtain, then, these maps yield more passes for changin r_lightdetaillevel to a value that we seem to do better. Example:

    To remove some unnecessary lights:

    r_lightdetaillevel 3

    If we have an outdated pc and want you to disable the "slide mode"

    r_lightdetaillevel 9

    2. Latest drivers

    It is essential to have the latest drivers for your graphics card, especially if they've made after the civil war, as they can give better performance (though do not expect that you will sobrao: D)

    3. Change resolution

    Despite what you might think, lowering the resolution until just distinguish the walls of the roof is not just performance increases (in decent cards). In fucking cards cheesy, yes, we must put at least the minimum but I must say that still go wrong, so do not worry.

    Card type 6600, 6800, 9700 fps vary just a resolution to another (without going either in terms of what is "a resolution" and which is another. Therefore, I recommend one other thing, I recommend putting at least 800x600 and you are more comfortable than 1024, since 1024. TFTs Users matching the native resolution (yes, even if it hurts), so it will be much clearer and bottom agradeceréis me.

    4. Console commands (which are good for something and all).

    These commands then work in multiplayer, there are many, but you will not be ripped off with an endless list of more then half are useless:)

    seta r_multiSamples "0"
    seta image_anisotropy "1"
    seta image_filter "GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_NEAREST"
    seta r_renderer "best"
    seta r_useIndexBuffers "0"
    seta image_usePrecompressedTextures "1"
    seta image_useNormalCompression "2"
    seta image_useCompression "1"
    seta image_ignoreHighQuality "1"
    seta image_downSizeLimit "16"
    seta image_downsize "1"
    seta image_downSizeBumpLimit "1"
    seta image_downSizeBump "1"
    seta image_downSizeSpecularLimit "1"
    seta image_downSizeSpecular "1"
    seta r_shadows "0"
    seta r_skipBump "1"
    seta r_skipSpecular "0"

    seta image_useCache "1"
    seta image_cacheMegs "200"
    seta image_cacheMinK "3072"

    seta g_doubleVision "0"
    seta g_muzzleFlash "0"
    seta g_brassTime "0"
    seta g_showPlayerShadow "0"
    seta g_decals "0"

    Some are the default values, it is only to ensure they are well. Explanation of some of them:

    image_anisotropy: the minimum value is 1, which is turned off, do not do them to 0.
    r_renderer: let the game choose the renderer to use, it is always the best.
    image_useCompression: this will disable the use of high-quality textures
    image_downsizeLimit: we shall see below in more detail.
    image_cacheMegs: Set lower if you have less than 1 GB of RAM.
    image_cacheMinK: leave it unchanged and point: P xD
    g_doubleVision: disables the effect when you are viciously Railgun
    g_muzzleFlash: disable the glow of the fire arms, improving performance by removing one more light.

    5. Downsizelimit fever - night and his friend lodbias.

    The lodbias downsizelimits and are very similar but unlike downsize not recommend using the lodbias (image_lodbias) because guarrea entire screen, including menus and does not increase or 1 fps performance. If you're a distrustful of life and you want to test, note that with values above 2, just distinguish a shit.

    The downsizelimit but if well use it, it improves a little with the fps. As to image_downsizelimitBump and image_downsizelimitSpecular, we should not worry much about them since we have already turned off before the Bump and Specular but we are suspicious, we're going to put values also, just in case!.

    The first thing to activate it is to put a "1" image_downsize, image_downsizeBump and image_downsizeSpecular. The value we put on image_downsizeLimit determine the blurring of textures. The maximum is 256, and the minimum is 0.

    Values from 16 and start doing quite nasty (nasty start to the icons, etc) and less than 8 and BOY is almost as active. Theirs is to test different values, looking carefully at whether the fps up something or not. In my case I only difference I found between 64 and 16 fps, however since guarrea nor too much, I opted for the value of 16, trying to scrape every last fps on the face of the earth.

    NOTE: downsize the effects are not immediately visible, it is necessary to reload the graphics system, which we achieve through a "vid_restart" in the console.

    6. I want to taste other commands!

    If you want to try other commands, which are not "allowed" in multiplayer, you'll need before you activate the cheats on your server, by:

    net_allowcheats "1"

    and now you do what you damn well please. But do not get excited, do not work on any server.

    Getting a nickname pwnager0x0rl33t0r

    Any player worth his salt should have a nickname worthy of remembrance, if you want people do not throw stones in the street and birds ruthlessly insulted him. One way to be original is to get the most colorful in the nick, which no doubt already know, but hey!

    The method is simple: you have left ^ = red 1blabla

    So far there is no problem, since the method is the same as that used in the past, but we also have another way of being even more pr0s, and make our mother after seeing our nick can not avoid calling all crafty friends to say what is your child. The form is ^ 1cRGB, changing R by a number from 0 to 9 representing the percentage of red color, the G that represents the percentage of green color and B represents the percentage of blue.

    Thus ^ = c000 black, while ^ c999 = white.
    What will be ^ C900?. For the red, which is going to be!

    1. How to make beautiful color gradients?

    We have two ways to do this by hand, as fools, (more customizable) or automatic (easier).

    1.1 Methods to milton pinion, I'm too macho

    As this is easy, we will take a color for the first letter, eg ^ c933 and I'll change one or more colors in the remaining letters, the same amount each time. For example:

    C990 c590 ^ c790 ^ ^ C390 ^ C190.

    1.2 Method pro, I am of high birth

    Quake4 turns out that comes with an interesting feature in the color commands. If you specify a color, with ^ 1, for example, in the next letter, instead of putting ^ 1 or ^ 2, or what we want, we ^ +, use the color before, but a little lighter, whereas if you specify ^ -, is a little darker.

    That's why the nick:

    ^ 3P ^ + e ^ + p ^ + i ^ + t ^ + o ^ + g ^ + r ^ + i ^ + l ^ + l ^ + o

    Pepitogrillo will be a gradient of yellow to white, very nice xD.

    2. I'm Negao colors, need to see a list.
    Here you can view a list of about Quake4 colors
    : Arrow:

    er ist entkommen .. wir ihn erfassen tryed aber er war zu stark und zu schnell. whiterman entgangen .. Aufmerksamkeit ... Sie müssen laufen, weil er kommt, um uns alle töten ganderxdanger never diez

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