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    How to make your own video of Quake III Arena!


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    default How to make your own video of Quake III Arena!

    Post by IMMORTALZ on Sun May 30, 2010 7:20 pm

    How to make your own video of Quake III Arena!
    Have you ever wanted to learn how to make a video of Quake 3?, Although many
    and have asked me how and which programs are good here ... I use a guide
    for them is clearer

    While the guides divide them into parts and programs to use are:

    -> Adobe Premier 6.0 (required)
    -> Adobe Photoshop (not necessary and is replaced by another photo editing program)
    -> Quake 3 Arena (Orrrbiamente)
    -> Demo show creator (In case you do not know how to see the demos)

    First part:

    (¯`·._.·[Taking screenshots ]·._.·'¯)

    This is the part where it would be best to have a 7200RPM hard drive but if not
    you do not care can just as the PC will be very slow and may reach
    ultimately to get stuck depending on the screenshots

    First you use a cfg for demos made by you or downloaded from somewhere, so
    general is very different from the cfg you play with, here I will put some ...

    -> Own Age
    -> Storm

    The ideal resolution is between 800x600 and 640x480 (this depends on the weight of the AVI and Screenshots)
    Having the cfg go to the demo. It is best to use cl_avidemo 30 (take more pictures per second)
    and use special effects like cg_thirdperson one, turns, etc.

    Part Two:

    (¯`·._.·[ Configuring Adobe Premier]·._.·'¯)

    This is where we will use Adobe Premier 6.0, kazaa Lower him with their trial version crack
    (The llea) but here we will first screen at startup, when the program asks you
    put on what mode to use "Option A / B Editing eye with that

    Although the images speak for themselves, taking the steps I will be:

    Select "Multimedia for Windows"

    Go to "Custom"
    In general use as 24 fps timebase and display

    In video codec to put their preferred, for me the best is the DivX 5.03, 640x480, the frame rate is
    depending on how they want q fluid look, if recorded in cl_avidemo 30 put it in 30, will look like
    as played in a quake, and check the option Recompress!

    In audio select what they choose, the best quality is 44100Hz and 16 bit stereo,
    can be compressed with a codec, otherwise leave it like this
    Being ready to make this OK.

    Now to finish setting up "Edit - Preferences - General and Still Image"

    The default duration should be in one!! WATCH OUT FOR THAT TOO!

    Third Party:

    (¯`·._.·[Bridging the TGA]·._.·'¯)
    Under no circumstances take out screenshot jpeg format and the video will look uglier than Quake32 (hahaha) (inside joke)

    Now we go to adobe and import the folder where you have the screenshots

    Then in the top left Iran was putting the folders and files imported q

    To select them and led them into the Timeline, press Ctrl + A and took them to the p
    1st video art

    *** At this point is where pueen insert some types of effects to screenshots and color effects
    or maybe do insercioens of photos, so they differ from other programs like pjBmp2Avi
    which in a very easy joining the TGA, simply select the folder where they are and choose the codec for
    TGA transforms into an AVI ***

    While all of this OK and we have the screens arranged within the timeline we proceed to put
    sound ONLY if a single composite video and one as would the idea of several frags, (ie: Video alpha3 KNV)

    Part Four:

    (¯`·._.·[Exporting to AVI]·._.·'¯)

    It's simple just go to FILE - EXPORT TIMELINE - MOVIE "
    Reviewed in "Settings" if everything is in order (see Part II)

    Press "SAVE"
    (Eye q takes a bit depending on how many screens are, weight and speed of your hard drive)

    READY and exported an avi of the TGA

    Part Five:

    (¯`·._.·[Joining the AVI ]·._.·'¯)

    After having made several videos of their TGAs (I recommend delete after use and fairly weigh q)
    with their respective effects ..

    We're going to bring them together again must go to Adobe Premier

    Importing files ...
    Then go adding them to the timeline VIDEO VIDEO 1A or 1B
    There Timeline A and B in order to give effect to the transitions between each video

    The yellow lines are the videos q did a moment ago, the home video effect between each
    (Effects are available at top right, by some are enough) and finally the lines
    Greens are sound (preferably inserted MP3s)

    And to finish as early in the process exported in the movie, see if the settings are correct
    READY and, behold your Quake 3 Arena video ^ ^!

    er ist entkommen .. wir ihn erfassen tryed aber er war zu stark und zu schnell. whiterman entgangen .. Aufmerksamkeit ... Sie müssen laufen, weil er kommt, um uns alle töten ganderxdanger never diez

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    Post by diScOdAnCer* on Sun May 30, 2010 7:21 pm


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