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    cg_WeaponColor and cg_WeaponColorStyle suggestions


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    default cg_WeaponColor and cg_WeaponColorStyle suggestions

    Post by IMMORTALZ on Tue Jun 01, 2010 12:13 pm

    Hey there!
    So, I've been experimenting with those vars for a bit, and felt like writing a couple of things down..

    First off, giving the ability to colorize the rail and grenade colors, generally or per team, was a very nice idea.. However there are some combinations which cannot be done with the current set of options.. What do I mean? Take a look:

    Currently we have 3 options for cg_WeaponColorStyle:
    1) Keep all rails intact, color all grenades by cg_WeaponColor
    2) Color rail and grenades, by cg_TeamUpperColor if friendly and cg_EnemyUpperColor if hostile
    3) Same as above with the option of having yours colored by cg_WeaponColor

    During my experiments I noticed that if you force a color into rail, both Color1 & Color2 are overridden in RailStyle 1, while only Color1 is overridden in RailStyle 2.. I believe it should be reacting the same for all railstyles - one color or both.

    Now for example, I wanted to have hostile grenades colored green, friendly grenades colored blue and at the same time keeping my railgun's color1 & color2 effective (and perhaps picking a separate color for my grenades as well). As far as I have seen, such combination is impossible.. So this is what I am proposing:

    1) Keep all rails intact, color all grenades by cg_GrenadeColor
    2) Color friendly/hostile rails and grenades (including yours) by cg_TeamRailColor1, cg_TeamRailColor2, cg_TeamGrenadeColor and cg_EnemyRailColor1, cg_EnemyRailColor2, cg_EnemyGrenadeColor (Some users might want their grenade and rail colors independant from each other and from the body's color.. Also options for 2-colored railgun beams)
    3) Color friendly/hostile rails and grenades as in option 2, while only your own rail is defined by Color1 and Color2 (original rail colors)
    4) Keep all rails intact, color grenades as in option 2

    Now as a side note, it would be interesting if Color1 and Color2 could get RGBA support too and can be seen from a client to another in-game..
    (PS: Forcing a 0x00000000 setting, lacks color animation inside the railgun and produces an invisible beam.. The beam should be displayed black, right?)

    Also, mines in ctf gametype, should be affected by those vars too.

    I think it would be awesome if cg_weaponColor_grenade worked like rail colors, so other players will see your grenades as that color unless they have overridden it with cg_weaponColorStyle.

    It would just add that tiny bit of extra personalization like rail colors give, and it would just be cool, such a tiny little thing wouldn't affect anything (though perhaps don't allow alpha to apply to grenade colors that other people see, and only fullbright FF for r, g, b, or a combination of them, that way people will always be able to see it fairly)

    So for example, default cg_weaponColorStyle to 1, and have it have all grenades at whatever color each player chooses theirs to be, and add a 4th style to replace the current 1st style, so that all grenades no matter what can be set to that color and override all the custom color ones players have chosen.

    Perhaps just have it work just like rail colors for custom grenade colors (that others see) so you can only get Red (0xFF0000FF), Green (0x00FF00FF), Blue (0x0000FFFF), Cyan (0x00FFFFFF), Yellow (0xFFFF00FF), Pink (0xFF00FFFF), and White (0xFFFFFFFF), just like the rail colors/text colors (except no black) (Perhaps allow orange for those colors as well, Orange (0xFF7000FF)). But for team colors or overrides (cg_weaponcolorstyle 2, 3) for all grenades, let it be fully custom, as it is now.

    Also of course leave the default cg_weaponcolor_grenade as it is now, 0x007000FF, but let the player change it like cg_weaponcolor_grenade 6 (1-7, or 8 if orange is allowed, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or whatever order the rail/text colors are in already) for pink, and then everyone sees their grenades as pink, unless they override it. Also it would be good to have it so that for team gametypes, cg_weaponcolorstyle can work to have team, or enemy grenade colors, unchanged from whatever the players may have set, so you could have for example, all team grenades be whatever you've set as yours, and all enemy grenades be a custom hex color, or the other way around, so that all team ones are whatever colors your team members may have set, all enemy ones, for example, are a custom shade or red or something.

    I don't think this would be hard to add in and it would just be another cool little thing to customize that lets players put some of their personality into their weapon, just like with rail trails. And of course let it all be overridden just like rail colors/brightskins etc, as it is now. This would be awesome

    Sorry to go on and on about something so small, I just think this would be pretty cool! ^^

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